What’s the deal with FON?

What’s the deal with FON? When I planned my trip to Barcelona recently I thought for sure I’d be able to take advantage of Free wifi in Fon’s home country.

Like a good Fonero, I made sure my FON was active and sharing well in advance yet when I arrived in Spain, I found ZERO Foneros through my travels. My N810 and N95 were actively connected most of the time and when they were not connected I was usually looking to connect. Whle most of the trip was spent in the conference area, I did walk around Barcelona and Vilanova and yet I still found nothing …

If there’s no sharing and tons of free Fons out there (according to FON) whats the model exactly? I’m happy to have got8ten a free router from them as they “expanded” into the US, but I’m thinking the hardware is going to evolve into a weekend hacking project since there’s clearly no benefit to maintaining an account with FON.

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  1. Rule #38 in app building: Beware of physical density limitations. (Case studies: FON, bluetooth dating apps, NFC apps)

  2. A great tip is checking at FONmaps, powered by Google Maps, it is the best tool when you travel because lets you know where the Hotspots near you are located. I was also in Barcelona attending the same show you did, 3GSM, and got FON free WiFi at Hall 6 and connected with iFON Connection Manager on my iPhone. This is the only FONSpot I used at the show because it was close to my meetings, but there was almost 1 Fonera up on each of the Halls at 3GSM from companies that brought them to the show. FON Maps is really a great tool while we work with our Community on making the Worlds Biggest WiFi network even bigger.

  3. JG,

    Was in Paris over the weekend. Same result as in Barcelona. I couldn’t find any when wandering in places I used to find them.

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