Jet Blue Rocks!

It’s been a while since I’ve flown Jet Blue, but now as I sit on my sixth of seven flights this week I have to say this may be the best coach experience I’ve ever had.

I’m sitting by the window which is only ever my choice for a red eye, and I can’t believe how much room there is here. Even the middle seat looks decent here … I’ve got ample room to my side and the leg room is amazing. The plane, an Airbus 320, seems new and clean as these things tend to go. The tray table is both full size and adjustable so you can legitimately do some work if the need arises. I love it! Traveling is enough of a pain without being squeezed into a crappy seat without basic comforts.

I’ve been on AirTran, Delta and American so far with a return from Palm Beach on AirTran again on Sunday. The middle seats I was jammed into on my two American legs to and from Chicago were far too snug and the tray table was hard to get away from for the typing I needed to get in … Even on the N810 with Stowaway. I can lean forward without touching the seat in front of me, and I would not even care of the seat reclined all the way in my direction.

DirecTV is a bonus for me as I don’t usually watch the video (with audio) except on longer haul flights.. Tonight I’ve enjoyed some of the NCAA Womens’s National Swimming Championships as well as some of 16 Candles while listening to Hot Chip, MGMT, Radiohead and Tom Middleton on the Zune.

All told a very solid flight experience. If it’s at all possible to work JetBlue into my plans I’m certainly going to try.

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5 Replies to “Jet Blue Rocks!”

  1. Hey Jon. Thanks for the info on Jetblue. I will be flying with them this summer. BTW Did you say “ZUNE”? šŸ™‚

  2. Al – anytime … and I did indeed say Zune! Been enjoying the 8GB flash model for a few weeks now… very seriously considering the 80GB version to take advantage of the subscription

  3. I only fly jetBlue. After a while you start to notice how other airlines suck compared to jetBlue.

  4. Jet blue sucks. Horrible airline. Stranded, cancelled flight. Customer Service hung up on me after waiting an hour and a half for info on compensation for never being notified of a cncelled flight.

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