What’s Normal Usage?

In the past week, I’ve been gently ribbed a bit by some people at work regarding the number of gadgets I’ve got working but the best was the guy next to me on my return flight from Chicago who broke our in-flight silence with ” I think you win for the most number of gadgets of any person I’ve ever sat next too!” I know my usage is far from normal cash international loan payday servicesno cash advance fee credit card,0 advance card cash credit,cash advance credit cardadvance cash loan online paydayadvance cash faxing no online,advance cash faxing loan no payday,no faxing cash advancecash advance new yorkcash loan payday quickcash america payday loan,instant cash payday loan,cash loan paydayadvance cash day loan pay payday,pay day cash advance,advance cash day loan payadvance cash day loan payfast faxless cash advance,fast cash advance,easy fast cash advanceadvance cash chicago settlement,pre settlement cash advance,advance cash settlementadvance cash loan payday today,advance cash cash loan loan payday quick,advance cash loan paydaypayday cash loancash til payday loanadvance america cash,ace advance america cash,advance america cash advancecash advance servicecash in advanceovernight cash advance,advance cash loan overnight,advance cash overnightpayday loan cash advance loancash advance servicesfirst cash advance houston tx,first cash advance,first time cash advancecash fast loan paydaysame day cash advance,same day cash advance loanadvance bad cash credit services,cash advance for people with bad credit,bad credit cash advancecash till payday loanadvance cash loan payday quickadvance cash faxing no,no faxing required cash advance,no faxing savings account cash advancesultan online casinofree online baccaratfull pay video pokeronline game gambling casinofree online craps,casino craps free gambling online,craps free online playcasino roulette download,roulette casino game,casino roulettefree backgammon,backgammon download free online play,free backgammon gameplay blackjacklearn to play crapsplay free roulettevideo poker tournamentsfree video pokerfree casino bonusonline video pokerwinning at video pokerfree online casino game craps,online casino craps,casino craps gambling onlinefree casino playcasino secure online gamblingno deposit free money casinoblack jack betting strategyplay free online slotsnew online casinouk best casino online compared to mainstream, so here’s the basic rundown of what I carry and what’s getting used actively.

As you might expect I’ve got a few pieces of Nokia gear … The N95-3 is my main phone and I use the iPhone SIM as I’ve been doing for months now. The N810 connects on my commute most days in both direction for enhanced internet consumption and multimedia. It’s not uncommon to see me using the phone and tablet at the same time for different net connections (sharing the N95’s data feed). I also carry a Blackberry Curve for work and use that pretty regularly through the day — fortunately (and currently) my mail does not heat up until later in the day, so I’m left to more personal news gathering for the morning commute. I can easily move between things and often am working with two at once.

In my bag, I’m carrying a few additional phones. Currently the N81 8GB and the N95-1. I don’t actively use either and had them with me in Barcelona and I think I’m just keeping that going a bit, but I’m also a “you never know” kind of guy so 4 phones (2 with SIM cards) is cool with me. The past few weeks I’ve also using a Zune 8GB which I really like for music.

I’m packing quite a few accessories like the Stowaway Sierra Bluetooth Keyboard (awesome on planes!), 2 Proporta Chargers and an Airport Express as well as plenty of USB cables, memory cards and adapters. The Airport lets me easily share a wireless connection with everything so I only get a single charge in a hotel … it also covers another just in case scenario and let’s me potentially share a potentially limited connection in a conference situation for work.

In a related aside, I used about 1.6GB of data last month on ATT through one SIM….

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9 Replies to “What’s Normal Usage?”

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  2. My friends like to prod me when I go on trips, asking how many plastic buckets it takes me to go through security (5, usually).

    While I don’t quite have as many devices as you, my normal ‘gadgetbag’ load includes:

    Bose earphones
    Nokia BH-501s
    Invisio G5
    Nokia wall charger (2x)
    DT-22 tripod
    Energizer EnergiToGo
    Spare AA batteries for the above
    bt keyboard (though I don’t really use it as much now since I have the N810)

    I’d say on a normal trip I use at least 75% of those items.

  3. I also have headphones, a headset or two (jawbone and BH-801) as well as three nokia plugs… and a few other chargers. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    With winter, I can reduce my bucket by one with everything in pockets … but 2-3 is good for me. I tend to either get padded down or have my bag looked at more closely as well – though last week was amazingly smooth with 7 flights!

  4. Yeah, but first we need to decide if it’s a ‘Manbag’ or a ‘Gadgetbag’, Manbag is more fun, but perhaps has other connotations. Hehe.

    Lately I’ve been trying to cut down on gadget payload whilst travelling. Having said that, I did take a multi-socket mains extension block to Barcelona – no, not a travel version but your standard white household thing!

  5. In my bag

    Iqua Sun BT Earphone/headset
    N70 (backup)
    Asus eee PC
    Mac Book Air
    Noise Cancelling Earphones
    Apple 80 Gig iPod
    Proporta Power Pack
    Garmin Nuvi 360 GPS
    Plantronics Phone Booth Headset
    Sierra Wireless USB U 720 HSDPA (AT&T) Data Card
    Sierra Wireless USB U 720 HSDPA (Unlocked) Data Card
    3 SkypePhone

    When I get back home I’ll add

    Apple iPhone
    Samsung’s latest Windows Mobile on Verizon
    Sprint CDMA USB Data Card

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