DVD Day and Date? No Thanks!

NewTeeVee has a bit on the alleged potential for Day and Date for VOD with DVD releases.

Raising the price of HD movies on VOD and releasing them the same day they come out on DVD would be a boon to the industry, according to a new survey from consulting firm Oliver Wyman. The company found that consumers would be willing to spend $7 to $9 for an HD movie on demand if released at the same time as the DVD.[NewTeeVee]

As I’ve noted previously, the way to do day in date is with the theatrical release NOT the DVD. I’m more than happy to pay more for the full DVD release, which will deliver a higher quality production and all the extras. Thanks to Amazon, you can pre-order and have it arrive on release day already.

A family with kids understands that controlling the video is key. We are currently watching There Will Be Blood in our home … started on Sunday and will finish (possibly even restart) when we can this week). VOD would expire and require a second purchase to complete. A second purchase would be more expensive than just buying the DVD to begin with…

If the movie was available at the same time as the theater, I’d actually be willing to pay more for the convenience, but these DVD release options just make no sense.

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