Google updates Search, Reader and iGoogle for mobile

You may have noticed that Google updated Search, Reader and iGoogle for mobile … The iGoogle page has been around for a while though not named iGoogle. If you’d signed into Google, you were able to personalize the start page via mobile which was nice, but now there’s an easier way from your desktop. (thanks AAS)

Reader has been enhanced via the iPhone URL for a while now and I enjoy that view on my N810 as well as the various handsets I tend to use. This morning, I noticed that the old default (and crappy) view has been altered to be more like the iPhone version though …not quite as nice. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you’ll see that you are probably within the Classic view. Click on Mobile instead and you will have access to the richer iPhone view which as discussed previously works great on S60 and on the Maemo Mozilla Browser. The new enhancements work great too … I can now share with note or email from within the mobile view on both platforms which essentially gives me (and you) a full featured mobile reader. Another tip is to hit # and the view zooms out one level which gives you more on screen. Enjoy!



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