I guess if it’s iPhone it’s news

Apparently quite a few people are reporting on ATT’s announcement that you can use your older iPhone as a wifi enabled iPod after upgrading. Gee, you mean just like how mine gets used now?

Removing the SIM does not prevent any device from working. Next please…

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2 Replies to “I guess if it’s iPhone it’s news”

  1. Wait, what? And here I thought that all gen1 iPhones were pre-programmed to turn to dust at 8am on July 11th – a new Apple feature called iBuynewmacstuffcuzitzkewl…

  2. “Removing the SIM does not prevent any device from working”

    HA! Tell that to my N95 which insists that I need a sim to listen to FM radio! Stupid, stupid, stupid!

    But yeah, this announcement was one of the biggest “no shit sherlock” moments of the year.


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