I don’t write to make money here though it’s certainly fun to drive traffic and see my adsense revenues grow. This blog has always been about my interests rather than rumors and breaking news. I have not leaked information through any employer, my clients or those who’ve reached out through this blog to share information. Actually, let me make one correction… I did actually share a very advanced preview of Rhapsody for the Nokia Tablet and enjoyed being first though that site has no ads and I was inspired only by my inner geek to share. I think it’s fair to say I have a far more mature view on things and would rather be able to have a collaborative and productive conversation around the product or service than purely leak information. I’m not operating under any NDA though I’ve certainly signed them for things in the past. I respect the people willing to share with me and share my opinion – that which they seek – openly whether positive or negative.

Recently Charlie Schick wrote a very thought compelling post on the Nokia Conversations blog about trust and leaks. It hit home for me then and again today because for the second time in a few short weeks I am seeing things discussed when I know they should not be quite so in the open. Granted, the mobile tech blogosphere is a small place compared to say the Wall Street Journal, but the point is that people are clearly violating the trust of those who are inviting us to share our opinions.

Charlie’s key takeaway is that leaked hardware and software products change before going public. As discussion builds around an early product, it can actually lead to negativity rather then the excitement companies hope to get when things are finally released.

I enjoy getting early and privileged access and am in no way looking to risk that access by violating your trust.

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