Is ATT blocking the iPhone’s DUN potential?

I saw the news that there was an iPhone tethering app available tonight in iTunes and decided to check it out now once I got home. As you can see it’s in the iTunes Store, but my access is blocked in the US. Interesting …

No NetShare for you!

I’m not sure why this is blocked, as there are certainly plenty of phones that can be used in this way — not too mention all the data cards that are out there. Unless the iPhone has some hyper efficient Dial Up Networking capability that no one knows about it seems like an odd to block. People are already using tons of data.

As a related point, it’s ridiculous to even consider paying for this functionality when it’s built into the bluetooth stack to begin with.I just discovered that this is not DUN at all, but an adhoc wifi access point … the same trick you get with JoikuSpot on an S60 device or WMWifiRouter on WinMo.

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