Adventures in Customer Data!

What a week for customer data …

  • Apparently a woman in the Uk signed up for Lovefilm, but was connected to one of my email addresses. This is an obvious mistake, but concerning as I’ve never signed up for Lovefilm directly to the best of my recollection and am wondering how my address was harvested in the first place.



  • Next, I received a car rental confirmation from Thrifty for a trip I’m not taking. Perhaps I might have been motivated to visit Jackson Hole next week, if they’ve thrown in some airfare as well.


  • Finally, Sirius sent an email saying there was an issue with my billing information yet after calling there was not only no issue, but I am pre-paid on our radios for the foreseeable future and set to rebill as needed. More disturbing here though is that the operator read my password to me over the phone unprompted to make sure I knew I could use it for online streaming. This is a big WTF! Why for starters can they actually see my password in their system and who thought it would be a good idea (and not totally creepy) to have them read it proactively to me?

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One Reply to “Adventures in Customer Data!”

  1. Hi, i cant see the Flickr photos of what seems to be either a mistake or someone trying to use your identity.
    If you wish, please email me direct and i will get someone to look into this for you, the last thing we want is to issue anyone with false ID an account with us.
    Hope you get everything you can rectified soon.

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