Sometimes bad things happen from good intentions

I’ve been using Boingo for a while now and have successfully traveled across the country and most recently to Toronto. Boingo has enabled easy connectivity from Airports, Coffee Shops and hotels on my laptop, phones and Nokia Tablet. There have been occassional glitches in connecting but I’ve found that one of the devices I’m carrying has always been able to connect without issue.

On the return this week from Toronto, I noticed that my E71 was not allowing me to use Wifi and I tried restarting the phone but things still failed. Checking the Access Points I discovered a serious error in the way Boingo had been scanning and adding AP’s on the fly:

When Boingo network discovery goes wrong

Yes, that’s 149 Access Points! I’m not sure what the realistic limit is for a handset, but this has made using Wifi impossible. I can’t manually select an AP like the one at my parent’s beach house (where I am now on vacation) and there does not seem to be any way to select multiple APs to delete them en masse. I’m hoping I don’t have to reflash my E71 but I am not sure how else to clear this mess.

Update – I reached out to Boingo with this and it’s a confirmed serious bug. Working to resolve it …

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