Enjoying the Digital Olympics

If you live in the US, the NBC Olympics site is really an excellent way to keep tabs on athletes and events. I can’t quite figure out how they determine what makes it to the site in video vs text, but the coverage has been excellent for the major events. I re-lived last night’s amazing 400 Free Relay this morning and plan to watch quite a few more events this way as the week progresses.

If you are on the go, Mippin, has created an excellent mobile aggregator of all the Olympic information. It’s really a great showcase of what they do and delivers a very useful tool for the Olympics as well.

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3 Replies to “Enjoying the Digital Olympics”

  1. NRK in Norway also deserves complements for its online coverage of the Olympics. It has up to 8 streams (two of which are identical to what is on their two tv channels) at the same time from the Olympics, covering a lot of events, and here comes the kicker; They are playable in VLC, or any other media player that supports internet streams. So these days I am sleeping from 9 to 3, and will be watching the Olympics live. The beauty of holiday, and having nothing to do…

  2. I can live with the silverlight install as I already had it going for other purposes … It’s clearly an attempt by MS to get adoption going as they have big plans for the tech itself. Video quality is quite excellent … not sure how much better if at all it is (or would be) over Flash.

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