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Recently I’ve been traveling quite a bit and really thinkng about the Kindle.  I like that I can get magazines as well as books as I go which would make always having something to read a non-issue.  From the rumors I’ve been reading there does not appear to be a new device coming this year … aside from the EVDO-only access point (will not work outside the US) I can’t think of any true negatives.  Sure the form factor is a tad wonky and the screen is not backlit, but it basically works like a book and comes in a reasonably small form factor making carrying it in my briefcase a pretty simple addition.

I have a trip to San Diego for DEMOfall leaving this weekend, and while the Kindle won’t be able to make it for tomorrow or Saturday, I could have it shipped to my hotel for the return trip …

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  1. Do it! I love my Kindle, despite the annoying placement of the buttons. Being able to send books from the Amazon website to one's Kindle wirelessly is awesome. 🙂 Reading an updated Amazon Daily blog (the only free blog you can subscribe to on the Kindle) is nice for breaks between books. And while I'm not positive, it seems like Amazon has a ton more books available for the Kindle than Sony does for the Reader.

  2. It’s reasonably fast. Waking from sleep takes around 10 seconds, and flipping pages takes a second or so. In either case, it’s not really any slower then picking up a paperback, stowing the bookmark somewhere, and figuring out which page I was on, or simply flipping pages.

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