Black NC10 available now

black NC10

A very tempting transition option while still within my return period with Amazon … The Samsung NC10 in Black is finally available. I probably would have ordered the black one if it had been ready a few weeks ago. Debating now though as I am quite committed with software and my personal configuration. Thanks Joseph!

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  1. i am so lame… i like the white because it matches my white MacBook, iPhone (3G with the white back) and my DS (white, of course). If I get a 4th device, it must be just as sterile. ;-p

  2. I am loving the NC10 … Not sure I'll switch out for the black, but it does look sweet!

    I've got a new wireless card on order to let me get the hackintosh going. The Partition and install was not bad (once I paid attention) but the hardware needs a slight tweak. Should be good very soon now. 😉

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