Some system updates arrive for the Samsung NC10

I suppose you might have noticed that the Samsung NC10 is something of a new obsession in my writing here … Par for the course with a new device, I’m afraid.

Today the Samsung Software update popped up when I got to the office and informed me that there were some updates.  Three in fact … though the first notice was for the notifier itself.  Once it updated, there was a notice for both the system bios as as well as the easy network manager. 

The process was smooth taking about 10 minutes which included two reboots – one after the initial updater and then another after the bios update which took most of the time.  I can’t say I am noticing anything new here … Windows 7 still generally resumes from sleep without sound, volume and display controls which is quite frustrating to say the least.  At least the reboot process is fast – much faster than my work machine so it’s all good.

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