World’s Fastest Broadband – And Not Here of Course

We can’t possibly get 100Mbps at home soon enough! Video seems like the obvious service in what we use today, but just imagine if everyone had such a fast connection! There’s sure to be new applications …

Cable executives have given several reasons for why many cable systems in the United States are going very slowly in upgrading to Docsis 3. There’s little competition in areas not served by Verizon’s FiOS system, which soon will offer 50 Mbps service. And some argue there isn’t that much demand for super-high speed.

Mr. Fries added another: Fear. Other cable operators, he said, are concerned that not only will prices fall, but that the super-fast service will encourage customers to watch video on the Web and drop their cable service.

The industry is worried that by offering 100 Mbps, they are opening Pandora’s box, he said. Everyone will be able to get video on the Internet, and then competition will bring the price for the broadband down from $80 to $60 to $40.

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When Cablevision rolls out 50Mbps later this year, I will be very tempted though the cost will be double what I currently pay for 30Mbps. Seems like a steep upgrade tax to speed up the recoup on investment.

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  1. I am still waiting for that day, when things will be crystal clear on my webcam! thanks.

  2. Top quality broadband nations:
    1. Japan
    2. Sweden
    3. Netherlands
    4. Latvia
    5. Korea
    6. Switzerland
    7. Lithuania
    8. Denmark
    9. Germany
    10. Slovenia

    In Netherlands, for near $60 Power Fiber brings 720mbps. USA is not in the top 10 and with 120 could be at the 5th place. Is so shame, because with the emergence of the smart phones, all the things that COMCAST, AT&T does not allows [p2p, video streaming, and so on] we does not have chance to succeed. By far Japan is light years ahead USA. With the not Neutrality we, in USA will be stay behind this countries.
    Again, USA invent the game, but the followers blast us. Why? One cause could be bad over regulation.


    Savi Vila

  3. Japan the land of the technologies! In Korea they have an gaming Olympics there so you better have the best and fastest connection to join. Anyways, it is really tempting to get the fastest speed but of course you have to base it regarding on what you are into.

  4. I'm sorry sir but it will not affect the quality of images that your webcam produces. It will simply improve the transfer meaning it will be constant streaming, if your webcam has low resolution it will still be an ugly images.

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