Photorec — the ultimate data recovery tool!

Thanks to @vnangia’s reply to my tweet and post last night I learned about an amazing data recovery application for camera memory cards.  Photorec was able to scan and recover ALL of my pictures from the Compact Flash card last night which is remarkable.  It was also able to see and recover images going quite a way back in time which was a nice reminder than the format function on the Nikon D70s is not very aggressive. Until @vnangia’s reply I did not know of any way to recover my images and had considered them lost thanks to a technical error, but I am elated to report that the pictures from my son’s birth are indeed intact and able to be shared.

Nikon, you are still dead to me.  The basic need I require of a digital camera can no longer be entrusted to your brand based on the seeming catastrophic failure yesterday.  There’s simply no way I can feel comfortable that something like this won’t happen again.

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  1. I used this when my hard drive crashed last year. Got all my photos back. REMEMBER: if you ever lose your files on a hard drive because it crashed, you can still recover them ONLY if you didn't already replace that space with something else. At least i think that's how it works.

  2. that's my understanding of it as well. when you erase something that memory space is really just made available to be used again … apparently the format on my camera is pretty high level which is how my old stuff also came back. That was really just bonus though …

  3. i was looking to buy a nikon dlsr and i landed here

    Sad to hear about the trauma u went thru .

    im going the Canon Way !

  4. Are you sure it was your camera that corrupted your photos? Your Compact Flash card may be broken. Do not blame Nikon if it was not their fault.

  5. I blame Nikon … there's a known fault in the D70 line (CHR Error) though this is the first time it refused to save properly.

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