1. You may or may not be surprised, but I’m finding my new avenue for content discovery is Google+.

    Yes, Google+. Once I took the time to find some shared circles (circles that others have curated and shared for public subscription), it’s really an awesome stream for me. I deliberately didn’t circle things that I get via Facebook or Twitter, so it’s typically new stuff. I have a shared circle of landscape photographers, which really adds color, and I found one with brands, which is great for research for my job. I found a few others, as well.

    I’ve also found that my personal posts tend to get more meaningful discussion there, as opposed to the ‘like’ and simple answers I get on my Facebook.

  2. I like Google+ as well and do typically find interesting things there … and frankly am able to get solid discussions also. These other services though seem specific to high(er) quality content most of the time. I have a host of other services specific to discovery … ;)

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