Tougher Times for the Whiskey Drinker


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This morning I caught a piece on how Beam, Inc is being “forced” to literally dilute their premium brand Maker’s Mark in order to keep up with the spike in global demand.  They did proactively reach out to the brand ambassadors in order to let them know in advance, but also to mention their extensive testing has led to seemingly no change to the taste profile, though there’s less alcohol now too as a result.

Perhaps awareness of such news will impact on people’s decision to choose neat, even with the lovely up-charge that’s now become common in New York City.

Image via Danny Nicholson on Flickr

4 Replies to “Tougher Times for the Whiskey Drinker”

  1. Well I hope the rationale is true. Brewers in Europe have been reducing and heavily marketing premium beers that have have less alcohol to avoid paying excise duty in various jurisdictions. The drinks cost the same to make. According to market analysts Nielsen cutting Stella Artois’ abv by 0.2per cent from 5% to 4.8% saves AB InBev an estimated £8.6million a year in duty based on its off-trade sales alone. I wonder if Beam are looking at similar metrics.

    (As for diluting whisky in the first place….just don’t!)

  2. …and I now see there is a lawsuit against Anheuser-Busch claiming they have been watering down 10 American beer brands to increase profits ( You got to feel sorry for the poor old confused (but not due to excessive drinking of course) consumer.

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