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Sleep helps brain stay fit by clearing waste: AFP – Like a janitor sweeping the halls after the lights go out, major changes occur in the brain during sleep to flush out waste and ward off disease, researchers said Thursday. – by REPORTAGES –;

‘Bionic man’ makes debut at Washington’s Air and Space Museum: WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A first-ever walking, talking “bionic man” built entirely out of synthetic body parts made his Washington debut on Thursday. – by Lacey Johnson – Tags: Ukraine, United States, Bertold Meyer, John Daley, Joshua Roberts, Paul Arcand, Robert Warburton, Steve Austin –

Robotic petting zoo : Storified by CBC News Community Like an elephant’s long trunk, or a jellyfish’s glowing tentacles, the “animals” at this zoo have long, swaying body parts. Except they’re not alive — they’re robotic. – by Jennifer Dunning – Tags: Petting Zoo, FRAC Centre, France, Minimaforms, Theodore Spyropoulos, Stephen Spyropoulos, animals, art –

Nike CEO Hints At Collaborative Future For FuelBand: For the development of the FuelBand, Nike partnered with a slew of outside companies. CEO Mark Parker hints that more partnerships could be in the device’s future. The Nike FuelBand is one of the more promising products in wearable computing. –

Amaze project aims to take 3D printing ‘into metal age’: The European Space Agency has unveiled plans to “take 3D printing into the metal age” by building parts for jets, spacecraft and fusion projects. The Amaze project brings together 28 institutions to develop new metal components which are lighter, stronger and cheaper than conventional parts. – by James Morgan –

Automated Bike Fit Measurement App Review: Bike Fast Fit: I want to start off by first noting just how rare it is that I write an entire post specifically about a single app.  I could probably count the number of times I’ve done that in 6 years on one hand. – by Rainmaker – Tags: app reviews,apps,iphone –

Nokia’s multi-display smartwatch concept revealed in patent application: Nokia appears to be experimenting with its own smartwatch concepts. In a patent application submitted in August last year, the company details a “multi-segment wearable accessory.” According to the description, and some related diagrams, it’s a plan for a modular watch than can be worn on the wrist. – by Tom Warren –

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