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Latest Google Glass Firmware Gives A Tantalizing Glimpse At A Ton Of Future Features: Last weekend, I finally got my own Google Glass unit. Since then I’ve been trying to adapt to using it and all its features, but as always there are a few things no Explorer can do just yet. With the update to XE10, the list of hidden or unimplemented features has changed dramatically. – by Liam Spradlin –

The Elusive British Artist Banksy Joins the Social Web: If you live in New York City, be sure to smile as you wander the streets during the month of October. There’s a good chance you’re part of an elaborate art installation by the elusive British artist, Banksy. – by NICK BILTON –

Facebook ad profit a staggering 1,790% more on iPhone than Android: A study of more than 200 billion ads on Facebook says that mobile ads on iPhone generate 1,790 percent more return on investment than ads on Android. Even worse, advertising on Android actually costs more than it returns. – by John Koetsier –

Limits Approved for Genetically Modified Crops in Kauai, Hawaii: Legislators on the island of Kauai in Hawaii have approved a bill that would restrict the use of pesticides by companies developing genetically modified crops there. The 6-to-1 vote by the Kauai County Council came just after 3:30 a.m. – by ANDREW POLLACK –

They Look Like Toy Cars, But They’re The : This looks like something you’d find in the Hot Wheels aisle at Walmart, but it’s much more than that. It’s a character from Anki Drive, an iOS-powered tech toy coming to Apple Stores and on October 23. Its creators call it “the future of consumer electronics.” – by Mike Fahey –

The Lost Art Of The Group Ride: Every so often, I’ll ride a recreational group ride. I love the camaraderie of cyclists, the talk, the last minute pumps of air, the clicking in, and the easy drifting out as a peloton. “I miss riding in a group,” I’ll think to myself. The magic ends by mile 10. – by Peter Wilborn –

Lance Armstrong, Antihero: The man stashes contraband in designated hiding spots in his home and, on repeated occasions, narrowly avoids getting caught by the authorities. – by Ashley Fetters – Tags: The Atlantic, The Atlantic Magazine,, Atlantic, news, opinion, breaking news, analysis, commentary, business, politics, culture, international, science, technology, national and life –

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