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Some recent saved favorites from Pocket:

Slaves of the Internet, Unite!: NOT long ago, I received, in a single week, three (3) invitations to write an original piece for publication or give a prepared speech in exchange for no ($0.00) money. – by TIM KREIDER –

LinkedIn Conquered Work — Now It Wants the Rest of Your Life: Modesty is what made LinkedIn famous. Where Facebook encourages users to share every last embarrassing moment of their lives, LinkedIn is the safe-for-work social network, where your resumé does the talking. That’s about to change. LinkedIn is done being modest. – by Ryan Tate –

AT&T’s Plan Revamp Signals the End of Voice Minutes: The days of worrying about minutes ticking away on your cell phone plan are nearly gone. As of today, AT&T is dropping the availability of its old plans for new smartphone subscribers, and all of the remaining plans include unlimited calling and texting with the exception of one. – by THOMAS GRYTA – Tags: AT&T,phone plans,Softbank,Sprint,t-mobile,Verizon Wireless –

How Google Uses Data to Build a Better Worker: Not the mantra you’d expect from your typical human resources representative. But every new hire for Google’s People Analytics department, part of the company’s HR function (which it calls People Operations), gets a laptop sticker emblazoned with this slogan. – by Chris DeRose – Tags: The Atlantic, The Atlantic Magazine,, Atlantic, news, opinion, analysis, commentary, Business, Wall Street, Megan McArdle –

How to Deal with the Coming Robot Apocalypse: Yes! Creative types = cartoonists = me! But what Marcus doesn’t realize is how in the ultimate showdown between the computers and humans, our creativity will be the solution to our salvation, allowing mankind not only to endure but to prevail. Here’s a cartoon case in point: – by Robert Mankoff, Bio – Tags: cartoons, humor –

I challenged hackers to investigate me and what they found out is chilling: It’s my first class of the semester at New York University. I’m discussing the evils of plagiarism and falsifying sources with 11 graduate journalism students when, without warning, my computer freezes. I fruitlessly tap on the keyboard as my laptop takes on a life of its own and reboots. – by Adam L. Penenberg –

Next on Deck for Snapchat and Pinterest: Some Sales Help?: Earlier this week, AllThingsD broke the news of two major fundings of a pair of hot startups: Scrapbooking service Pinterest and messaging service Snapchat. Pinterest’s round of $225 million at a $3. – by Kara Swisher – Tags: commerce, general, media, mobile, news, social, advertising, allthingsd, atd, cbs, evan spiegel, industry moves, monetization, philippe browning, pinterest, sales, snapchat –

Consider the e-bike: Can 200 million Chinese be wrong?: Lawmakers, manufacturers and transportation experts have focused much of their attention on electric cars, with still-disappointing results, but consumers in many parts of the world are embracing electric bikes, which in addition to the usual pedals have small battery-powered motors to speed – by Heather Timmons –

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