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Some recent saved favorites from Pocket:

Profitless Prosperity: If a Company is making huge profits this year but will not make any profits in the future, it is worthless in the eyes of an investor. But if it loses money this year and next year and may lose money for a few more years, it can still be very valuable in the eyes of an investor. –

38% of Children Under 2 Use Mobile Media, Study Says: Nearly two in five children have used a tablet or smartphone before they could speak in full sentences, according to a new report. – by MEG WAGNER –

Better view than courtside: Stanford basketball players don Google Glass: You may not be a star basketball player, but now you can experience what its like to be one. Players on the Stanford basketball team wore Google Glass while warming up for their most recent game. Leave it to Stanford to deck their athletes out with tech accessories. – by Rebecca Grant –

Amazon and the : [DISCLOSURE: As always when I write about Amazon, I’ll note I worked there from 1997-2004 and that I still own some shares in the company. I still have many friends who work there, though I have no more idea what Amazon is working on now than any of you in the public. – by Eugene Wei –

Bicycles are outselling cars in Europe and that might not be just a blip: Bicycle sales outpaced new-car sales last year in all of the 27 member countries of the European Union, except Belgium and Luxembourg, NPR reported on Oct. 24. One reason is that car sales have slumped in the midst of the euro-zone crisis, NPR points out. – by Lily Kuo –

DOA: The Galaxy Gear reportedly has a 30 percent return rate at Best Buy: If you hesitated to call the Galaxy Gear a flop after all of the negative reviews, consumers have weighed in with their opinion of the device too, and it’s not pretty: nearly a third of Galaxy Gear owners return the device. Geek. – by Ron Amadeo –

Lay Back And Clean Your House With Swarming Micro Robot Cleaners: Nobody likes cleaning the house. So why not get a flying robot to do it, right? That’s what 23-year-old Adrian Perez Zapata thought too. Except he’s not happy with one or two–he wants a swarm of them. Zapata’s concept, called Mab, has just won Electrolux’s Design Lab competition. –

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