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Giant ‘Siats’ dinosaur discovered, second only to the T.rex: Utah is making a name for itself as the place to unearth dinosaurs. Earlier this year a big-nosed dinosaur was discovered in the state, and just recently a relative of the Tyrannosaurus rex was also unearthed. Today, yet another dinosaur has been discovered: Siats meekerorum. – by Tom Warren –

ESPN relaunches ScoreCenter iOS and Android app, now calls it SportsCenter — Tech News and Analysis: ScoreCenter is dead, long live SportsCenter: ESPN  relaunched one of its most popular mobile apps under the SportsCenter brand Thursday, adding video highlights, social media and personalization to take the mobile sports experience beyond just scores. – by Janko Roettgers –

Should Vodka Be Marketed as Gluten-Free?: Here’s a new twist on an old drink: gluten-free distilled spirits. After a 2012 Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) interim ruling, gluten-free labeled vodkas hit the market this year, including National Basketball Association legend Shaquille O’Neal’s gluten-free “Luv Shaq.” – by Fred Minnick –

Say Goodbye to the Car Salesman: A car salesman used to spend long days on his feet. Now he’s becoming like everyone else—stuck most days in a chair in front of a computer screen. The Internet has been upending car sales for more than 15 years. – by Christina Rogers –

Intel Media sale looks increasingly inevitable, TV contracts on hold — Tech News and Analysis: Intel’s new CEO Brian Krzanich has made up his mind and decided that he doesn’t want to disrupt the TV business, according to a report from Reuters. – by Janko Roettgers –

Nest Gets Sued Again For Patent Infringement For Daring To Make A Better Product: A year and a half ago, we wrote about the patent infringement lawsuit filed by Honeywell against Nest. – by Mike Masnick –

Will U.S. consumers and retailers ever be ready for NFC?: Last year, experts thought that NFC was going to really take off in 2013, but recent moves from Google Wallet and Isis point to a significant question: Will NFC ever really take off? On Wednesday, Google Wallet launched a physical card, suggesting that its NFC application is not doing the job. – by Rebecca Borison –

One social network you’ve never heard of drives 20% of all social commerce: It’s called Polyvore. Polyvore is essentially a Pinterest that is explicitly focused on products you might want to buy. – by John Koetsier –

Google invites devs over for a Chromecast hackathon plus SDK show-and-tell, updates official app: Google has slowly trickled out more authorized commercial apps that can stream to its Chromecast dongle since launch (Hulu, Pandora, and most recently HBO Go) but what about homebrew? So far developers have been able to work with a preview Cast SDK (creating a few impressive demonstrations) but re – by Richard Lawler – crawls out from Twitter’s shadow with Broadcast: notifications for anything: CEO Dalton Caldwell once promised a better Twitter — “a real time social feed without the ads” that wouldn’t crush the dreams of its developer community. A little over a year later, App. – by Ellis Hamburger –

Intel Chairman: “We Seemed to Have Lost Our Way”: Long a beneficiary of the falling cost of computing power, chipmaker Intel acknowledged Thursday that it was beaten at its own game. – by Ina Fried – Tags: general, mobile, news, andy bryant, brian krzanich, chips, featured post, intel, nvidia, pcs, phones, qualcomm, tablets –

What the acquisition of MapMyFitness by Under Armour really means for the industry: Despite most Internet apps running small operations, MapMyFitness is hardly small from an employee standpoint.  As of Tuesday it counted 101 employees, with 31 employees in Denver, and another 70 employees at its headquarters in Austin, Texas. – by Rainmaker – Tags: mapmyfitness,under armour –

When We Lose Antibiotics, Here’s Everything Else We’ll Lose Too: This week, health authorities in New Zealand announced that the tightly quarantined island nation — the only place I’ve ever been where you get x-rayed on the way into the country as well as leaving it — has experienced its first case, and first death, from  a strain of totally drug – by Maryn McKenna –

The NFL’s Modern Man: How Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Connor Barwin — a bike-riding, socially conscious, Animal Collective–loving hipster — is redefining what it means to be a football playerAre you guys the Dirty Projectors?” The question comes from one of the few stragglers still hanging at a nearly cleared-ou – by Robert Mays – Tags: bill simmons, sports guy, grantland, grantland stories, grantland features, sports, pop culture –

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