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Couric Deal to Become Yahoo’s “Global News Anchor” Set to Be Announced Monday: As AllThingsD had first reported in August that it was working on, Yahoo is poised to announce a deal with well-known television news star Katie Couric to do a high-profile interview show on its home page. – by Kara Swisher – Tags: general, media, news, abc, abc news, acquisition, advertiser, allthingsd, anchor, archive, arena, broadcast, cable, caribbean, celebrity, content, contract, correspondent, criticism, dailymotion, david pogue, daytime, deal, disney, earnings, erin mcpherson, fee, finance, fox news, france, glenn beck, global, google, graphical, growth, henrique de castro, home page, house of cards, hunger games, interview, jennifer lawrence, kathy savitt, katie, katie couric, katie’s take, lloyd braun, marissa mayer, memo, mickie rosen, move, negotiation, netflix, network, new york, new york times, news, personality, post, presentation, producer, redesign, revenue, rights, ross levinsohn, ryan seacrest, saturday night live, season, second quarter, shift, show, silicon valley, sports, streaming, subscription, syndicated, talk, television, today show, tv, user, video, yahoo –

Fed up with slow and pricey Internet, cities start demanding gigabit fiber: Slow Internet speeds and a lack of competitive pressure on Internet providers is a fact of life in communities throughout America. We’ve seen that competition can make a difference, notably with the entry of Google Fiber in certain markets, forcing incumbents to offer faster speeds and better deals. – by Jon Brodkin –

As Customers Seek Privacy, AeroFS Emerges With Stealthy File Sharing Software: Air Computing Inc., which is doing business as AeroFS, emerged publicly Friday with software that lets customers privately share files in a way that no outsider–not even their software provider—can gain access to their data. – by Deborah Gage –

Touch ID Patent Applications Show Details Behind ‘Secure Enclave’ and iPhone 5s Implementation: The first, as noticed by , details a method by which the iPhone scans a finger and then provides that data to the “Secure Enclave” for matching and eventual approval. – by Patently Apple –

Comcast and Charter reportedly considering joint purchase of Time Warner Cable: Comcast may be interested in merging with Time Warner Cable. – by Chris Welch –

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