Windows 7 Starter Edition – What can’t you do today?

Microsoft truly can’t get out of their own way … Windows 7 looks so good, yet we’ll have to suffer through a ridiculous number of SKUs when one would suffice. And the worst thing I’ve read yet on the topic is that Netbooks will get something called Starter Edition which limits you to 3 concurrent applications – who the hell wants that??

In a typical session I run Firefox (min 10 tabs), Pidgin, Twhirl or Tweetdeck, Ovi Suite and sometimes Evernote.  I also usually add in iTunes or for music. There are few processes like two-finger scroll, Jing and Dropbox running at all times and while  I’m not sure if the smaller stuff would be blocked but it seems I would have to make a choice on the applications running.  I would certainly NOT be able to fire up anything else like Skype for a video chat (which also works quite fine) without first closing down a bunch of stuff.

I run more than 3 applications at a time on my phones … come on Microsoft!

Update – Just ran across another source and it looks like Home Premium will be the standard netbook install for the higher end systems while Starter is really designed for emerging market low end systems.

Cisco Visual Networking Index, Runs on Windows, Sold on a Mac

As someone who works in marketing, primarily for tech companies I take pride in the accuracy of how things are represented. When I’m involved in a technical demo, it works like it is supposed to or (if not developed yet) is animated in a way to simulate reality. What I can’t do though is show something functioning in a fictional environment which is why I get so frustrated when I see things like The Cisco Visual Networking Index

Cisco Visual Networking Index Free Application

Sure it’s possible that a Windows user has a DVI connection hooked up to their Apple Cinema Display, but the chances of that being a reality are pretty damn slim. This seems like a classic case of the art director just doing what they felt looked best and in this case it’s lame. My eye saw the monitor and the application before I realized (a moment later) that I was looking at a Vista desktop.

hat tipNextNY

The ultimate netbook?

I was quite pleased to see Sascha show his NC10 and confirm my own purchase decision.  Seems he agrees that the Samsung NC10 remains the current king and that battery and keyboard are the two features which strongly contribute to a solid mobile experience.  I have to keep reminding myself that I don’t have to be conservative with my use or consider when I’ll next top up with this computer which truly is a first for me.

This video from Scoble is a great capture of a conversation on Netbooks, Vista, XP licensing and the Sony Vaio P – well worth the 10 minutes.