1. Deathcapt

    Yeah….. I don't understand this 3 app thing… why the hell would they even implement any version which imposes and artificial limitation on the system. Limit the ram or something. Don't arbitrarily say “can only run 3 apps” what is even considered an application? if I whip out my task manager, I've got a couple dozen processes running, I don't even understand how anyone could think of this.

  2. It absolutely makes no sense unless the computer itself just sucks. As I mentioned I can run more than 3 apps on my phone. I did update the post to reflect that high end netbooks are likely to get Home Premium rather than Starter which will go to emerging markets … 3 apps is lame regardless though.

  3. Andy

    Ok here's a question, why not jsut ditch the microsoft train and just use linux. I mean the cost is lower and you don't have to deal with these ridiculous restrictions.

  4. I'm waiting to see what happens with Moblin and actually have Ubuntu installed as well as OSX. I want my apps though … and it's nice to NOT have to sacrifice that.

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