Ultimate Mobile Charger?

Martin Geddes seeks the Ultimate Mobile Phone Charger… Here it is:

Proporta and N810

Proporta’s Mobile Device Charger is hands down the best accessory I’ve ever purchased for a mobile device. It’s a 3400mAH battery that charges over USB and offers a retractable cable (connecting over USB as well) to charge Nokia (large and small tip), Sony Ericsson, iPod / iPhone or any device that charges over USB. It also offers pass-through charging so while it’s charging you can also power-up one of your devices.

In my daily commute, I use it to power my N95 while tethering over bluetooth to the N810 or N800. This keeps the N95’s battery at 100% for when I need it during the day. The hour of (EDGE / 3.5G) DUN connectivity can really take a toll on the battery and this keeps things easily full. I can stream internet radio (again over DUN) from the tablet via the N95, maintain a live Mail For Exchange connection, upload at will to flickr via Shozu and stay current on my podcast subscriptions. In the car, I can use the Proporta to charge or maintain one device, while using my cigarette adapter on another for longer trips or on the way home from a full day of business travel. On a cross country flight I know I’ve got plenty of power to keep things charged without having to compromise my desired usage in any way.

It’s great to know that I can use the devices I want as hard as I want / need and always have plenty of juice to spare as the Proporta is like having two more full batteries in a single package. I love that this device is small enough to fit inside a jacket pocket if you need it and easily fits in a gadget bag or briefcase without adding any real weight.

If you are a power user like me, this is the ultimate accessory to keep things connected and powered up as long as your day might last! Jeremiah had initially shown me this device in LA and I ordered one soon after I returned. It’s an essential piece of kit. I can’t recommend it enough.

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11 Replies to “Ultimate Mobile Charger?”

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  2. Wow what a great piece of kit. I remember picking up something similar a few years back but the best I could find was something that took a staggering payload of AA batteries. Great to see things have been progressing!

    Seems like the perfect companion for power-ShoZuing with the N95, good find.


    The ShoZu Blog

  3. I knew you’d like the Proporta. 🙂 Everyone power user should own one. Certainly every N95 user should have one. There’s really no better portable charger on the market. I’ve been using the thing for almost half a year now, and I wouldn’t leave home without it!

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