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Nokia released an official Internet Radio application (today?) which I’ve been checking it out tonight and definitely like what I see and hear! I had last used streaming internet radio on the N91, but that open source application lacked some polish as well as integration with my device as is found in today’s release. I’m hoping we’ll see deeper system integration with both podcasting and streaming radio in future devices as well as firmware releases.

Screenshot0077 Screenshot0080

As you can see from the above screenshot, there are preferences for setting the quality of the stream based on your connection type which is a very well thought out feature. This way you can simply choose a stream and not worry about which bandwidth option you need – unless of course that’s the way you have bookmarked things.

On first glance the included directory seems pretty similar to that of the Nokia Internet Tablet’s Media Player, which would make sense since that’s a managed Nokia resource. I was having problems getting the right URL for a stream and Zach suggested I try loading shoutcast on the mobile browser to find a link. The Nokia Internet Radio application registers itself as the default player for .pls so any link you click from now on will automatically be played. Very cool!

Streaming on the phone (rather than just via the phone to my Tablet) was the one missing media opportunity in my all Nokia media move. I’m glad to have it on the N95 and will continue to test various connections while enjoying my favorite internet radio stations on the go!

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