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so a week in and I’ve shared a pretty large number of links as daily reads.  It’s not everything I’m reading daily, but the shares I’d typically just blast out via social.  I’ve got a pretty solid system courtesy of Pocket and a WordPress plugin called WP Stacker.  While I haven’t seen any comments or direct responses per se, I do see some traffic coming in to check out what I’m sharing … plenty more coming.



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  1. Interesting – I’ve got a couple of folks in my reader who do similar, and I pretty much immediately skim over those automated posts. Sounds like there’s some readership, though – might give it a go myself to get some of these links read.

  2. To be clear … this isn’t automated though that was my goal initially. The posts are structured automatically by the plugin, but I read and select what goes in through Pocket. I’m curating this for you …

  3. Sure, that’s the value part of it. Purely automated would be completely worthless.

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