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Some recent saved favorites from Pocket:

Amazon to Begin Sunday Deliveries, With Post Office’s Help: Inc. will begin delivering packages on Sundays in the nation’s two largest cities later this month with an unlikely partner—the United States Postal Service. – by Greg Bensinger –

Instagram and Youtube — Benedict Evans: Instagram is looking like a great acquisition. It had 30m users when Facebook bought it in April 2012, and has now passed 150m, just 18m later. – by Benedict Evans –

Five reasons why smartwatches are here to stay: Whether they love or hate them, everyone has an opinion on the viability of smartwatches. The disparate range of opinions is a clear sign that we are on the brink of the next wave of computing. – by Tom Emrich – Tags: smartwatches, mobile, cell, canada, wearbles –

A Cure for the Allergy Epidemic?: WILL the cure for allergies come from the cowshed? Allergies are often seen as an accident. Your immune system misinterprets a harmless protein like dust or peanuts as a threat, and when you encounter it, you pay the price with sneezing, wheezing, and in the worst cases, death. – by MOISES VELASQUEZ-MANOFF –

: Here comes wearable computing, and Android and the Googleverse have a huge head start. But will the Android devices lose the lead because they fail to targ – Tags: Cult of Android, android, nexus, samsung, etc –

Google’s Timothy Jordan: Glass is a complete break from the past: Many wonder whether Google Glass has legs as a technology. Will we still be using it (and talking about it) years from now? If you ask Google’s Senior Developer Advocate Timothy Jordan, absolutely. – by Jon Fingas –

New iWork: Another Missed Opportunity To Set Expectations: With the 5.0 iWork suite we revisit Apple’s propensity to make lofty claims that fall short of reality. The repetition of such easily avoidable mistakes is puzzling and leads us to question what causes Apple executives to squander the company’s well-deserved goodwill. – by Jean-Louis Gassée –

Former director of Siri now working with Samsung on ‘internet of things’ initiative: Former Apple software engineer Luc Julia, who was in charge of developing the company’s Siri virtual assistant, is now working at Samsung on SAMI, a platform that looks to aggregate and distribute data from Internet connected devices. Samsung’s Open Innovation strategy. – by AppleInsider Staff – Tags: Apple, Apple Inc, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, iPod nano, Apple TV, Apple, iPod shuffle, iTunes, i mac, mac os x, mac osx, Apple Computer, Apple Computer Inc., Mac OS X, iMac, iBook, Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, Magic Pad, Magic Mouse, iPod classic, App Store, iTunes Store, iBook Store, mac book, Microsoft, Adobe, Research in Motion, RIM, Nokia, Samsung, Google, Nvidia, Intel –

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