14 Replies to “In need of some serious Google Account help!”

  1. I’d start by changing your password back… that might not fix all, but it might get you something.

  2. Only thing I have experienced that even comes close is Google’s implementation of 2-step verification and app specific passwords. Doubt that’s your issue but *maybe* Google think you’ve opted for 2-step?

  3. It’s been a long time since I used two-factor. Many months … I suppose there could be a ghost in the machine but seems unlikely given the moment it happened was with a new device on a new / updated OS.

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    On your phone, go to the application manager. (Settings > Applications) Go to the ALL tab. Scroll down and find Google+. Hit clear data. Open up google+ again and it should work fine.

  6. Go to settings->More->Data Uage. Scroll down to Google Play Services and uncheck Restrict mobile background data. It worked for me.

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