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UPP is a fuel cell charger for smartphones and other devices, but it’s also destined for integration: If you own a smartphone or a tablet there’s a pretty good chance that you aren’t very impressed by the battery life; while processing power and storage advances continue apace, battery technology has made only modest gains. – by Ben Woods –

Cliiiimb gives real-time Strava segment feedback: Legions of riders use the social fitness product Strava now, but the company 4iiii is hoping that the promise of real-time audio and visual feedback on Strava segments will entice Strava users to buy Cliiiimb, which attaches to a pair of sunglasses. –

Netflix introduces one unified TV interface to rule them all: Watch Netflix instant streaming on your television and you know what content you’ll get — but you likely won’t know how you’ll find it. – by Bryan Bishop –

SmartThings Raises $12.5 Million From Greylock And Highland To Power The Internet Of Things: Internet-of-Things startup SmartThings has spent the last year or so building a platform that people can use to connect to an increasingly wide range of devices in their homes. Now it’s getting ready to bet even bigger on those products and its platform, thanks to a $12. – by Ryan Lawler –

Apple will launch 1.7” iWatch for men and 1.3” iWatch for women next year: Several weeks ago we’ve heard that Apple is experimenting with several iWatch display sizes. Now it seems that this may be more than experiment. Apple may have already decided to launch two wearable devices next year – 1.7” iWatch for men and 1.3” iWatch for women. – by Stasys Bielinis –

The Absurd Beauty of Creating Musical Turnstiles in NYC’s Subway: There are so many good subway sounds: the whoosh and clatter of a train approaching, the click of a turnstile, armies of boots on cement echoing through strange, low-ceilinged corridors, people playing love songs that the rats know by heart. – by Alexis C. Madrigal – Tags: The Atlantic, The Atlantic Magazine,, Atlantic, news, opinion, breaking news, analysis, commentary, business, politics, culture, international, science, technology, national and life –

Google Is Bigger Than Magazines And Newspapers: Google has become so big that sometimes it’s difficult to understand just how big it is. It’s on course to do $60 billion in revenue this year, almost all of that from advertising. But how big is that in terms of the media it competes against for ad dollars? – by Jim Edwards – Tags: Google, Ignition 2013, Chart Of The Day, Jim Edwards –

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