Your mistake equals my news…

Your mistake equals my news… I received the following email this morning for some reason and thought I would share for those sports/telecom fans.

Names have been blocked to prevent any bad sh!t coming my way too quickly.


Date: Wed Oct 23, 2002 7:53:32 AM America/New_York



Subject: F1 Circuit Advertising

Message from X X to X X

Dear X

Thanks for your note of October 22nd. I completely understand your desire to

have an agreement such as the one attached to your note. Having said that, I am

reluctant to pass over the rights at this early stage because I wish PSI to be

centrally involved in any ensueing negotiations.

I would much prefer for you to “sound out” the market place and for us to have a

meeting with PSI about our strategic approach when you are in a position to

bring us up to date with any level of interest, however informal this might be.

I hope you understand, I am not being over cautious, just wishing to maintain a

level of control over what is after all a very significant amount of money.

Kind regards


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