NetNewsWire and Moveable Type

More great news from Brent, Moveable Type blogs will be able to be edited and posted to directly from NetNewsWire Pro. AS noted below it is sometimes tricky to get things working outside of the blog environment where the developer of that program has concealed some of their work.

Archipelago allows posting and editing to all the major blog systems, but you still need to know some key technical details in order to get it to work. Brent notes needing the Blog ID for moveable type to work, the same issue I faced setting Archipelago up. Hopefully the info I relayed back to Daniel over the weekend during my transfer were helpful…

The more I think about how much NetNewsWire Pro will be able to do, the more I wonder what will happen to great apps like Archipelago. It seems that Daniel is involved in some way with Brent working on NNW, but if an app can pull in RSS feeds, post and edit your blog remotely it should hande all that you want. I guess certain details and preferences will always keep people using one system vs another.

NetNewsWire and MovableType: “I’ve been testing NetNewsWire‘s weblog editor with MovableType—and it’s working. Here’s my test site.

One of the painful parts of weblog editors is configuration, as Daniel Berlinger points out in his RFC on discoverability.

I had to send an XML-RPC request to get the blogID of my MovableType site. For Manila the URL of the site works as the blogID. I don’t know what I’ll find when I try other weblog publishing systems, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find them all slightly different.

This needs to get much easier.

Ideally all it would take to configure one’s editor is to know the URL of the home page of your site. (And of course you’d know your username and password also.) A user should never have to know or figure out the blogID, RPC URL, and supported API or APIs.” Source:

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