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For whatever reason I have been keeping tabs on the spam that just keeps on coming and coming. It’s hard not to notice when the same thing gets sent to you repeatedly and I thought it would prove (at least minimally) interesting to report what’s hot in spam. I’d say that in a given day I receive an average of close to 100 spam emails across the 5 email accounts (not including hotmail, yahoo or aol which are totally out of control!) I keep active. Apple’s catches about 95% of them and sorts them to my Junk folder for me to scan before I delete.

This list is far from complete and thanks to the spam community can and will continue to grow. I’ve excluded the usual suspects of porn, Nigerian scams, multi-level marketing schemes, 10 Million email addresses and penis enlargement solutions.

The hot subject lines of the week seem to be:

  • This Year’s Hottest Gift! – R/C Mini-Racer – JUST $19.99
  • Homer Simpson Talking Bottle Opener
  • Get Your Own Personal LIE Detector!
  • High quality, full-color business or personal cards FREE!
  • You’ve Won – Claim Your Elvis Monopoly Set and More!
  • Flat Hose – As Seen on TV!
  • messages from
  • ADV: Lowest Life Insurance Rates – Free Quote…
  • FAILED DELIVERY (nothing like a fake error message)
  • RE: Your Account Status
  • American Express want to Pay You Up to 5%……

The main sending offenders seem to revolve around the same choice few domains…

  • – my favorite!

There are many, many more.

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