The return of the content king?

This could be good news for AOL and for the subscribers… AOL has been deliberately slow to roll out true content oriented offerings to its members, which is difficult for me to understand considering that is the only advantage they have.

With the number of properties across all forms of media, AOL is the site/portal/service that should truly be king. While the certainly have the largest subscriber base, it is only a matter of time for that base to mature and jump ship. As they have seen over the past few years, subscription growth is slowing, especially with the adoption of broadband, since people no longer need AOL to get get online initially.

AOL Chairman to Present New Initiatives: “Thursday’s presentation about AOL’s future is a crucial test for AOL Time Warner and a chance for AOL’s new chairman, Jonathan Miller, to ease investors’ many worries.” Source: New York Times: Technology

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