Safari: No Tabs No Problem

As I started to use Safari for the first seconds I checked for tabs and pop-up blocking. One out of two covered and while I thought tabs were critical, I am starting to feel otherwise. I realize it is only one day later but I feel good out of tabs again having used only Safari today. Yesterday I did fire Chimera up a few times…

Anyway with the addition of the FullScreenSafari haxie and a nice script my buddy had sent me in the pre-Chimera days I can now quickly launch several windows – maintaining each in the top left of my screen space. I thought I would share this script with whoever might want it so just click here to get it. All you need to do it change (or keep if you like) the sites maintained within. It will open as many sites as you like and you can Apple+` through them to your hearts content. I noticed as well that Safari is kind enough to only cycle through full named windows which means that you won’t have to look at the CheapTickets or Orbitz pop-under which may occasionally sneak through from the NYT.

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