Yamaha Wi-Fi-based audio system

Expensive, no screen shot yet… Sounds like home media servers are finally beginning to mature, finally!

Yamaha Wi-Fi-based audio system: For over $2,000, you can get an 80 Gb music server with CD-R that can broadcast via Wi-Fi to a receiver (included) that has its own 20-watt amplifier and support for external speakers. Extra receivers are $800.

The server broadcasts the music to clients, or receiver stations, that contain their own 20-watt amplifiers. Any speakers can be attached. MusicCast uses the 802.11b wireless standard (also known as Wi-Fi), but Yamaha says the signal will not interfere with other Wi-Fi networks (like those connecting the computers around the house) because each receiver station has its own network address. That also lets MusicCast send different music simultaneously to different receiver stations, so Junior can play hip-hop in the den while Mom and Dad listen to jazz in the kitchen.

[802.11b Networking News]

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