Adventures in e-Commerce…

Last night I received an email from RedEnvelope which read:

Dear RedEnvelope Customer,

Due to an error in our arrival notifier system, you may have accidentally been sent a message on 1/8/03 stating that a gift you ordered had arrived at its destination. We were testing our system and mistakenly sent you the message. Rest assured that your gift was not reshipped, and you were not charged for a second gift. Please accept our apology for any confusion this may have caused. To thank you for your understanding, we would like to offer you free standard shipping on your next order. Simply enter the promotion code on the checkout page next time you order.

Under normal, just ordered circumstances, this would be great customer service, since they were proactive in communicating with me. The problem is that I have not ordered anything recently. The last order I made with them was over the summer!

This morning email number two arrived…

Dear Jonathan,

We just wanted to let you know that the gift you selected for the person below
has been received. If you selected additional gifts for Next Business Day or
2-Business Day delivery to other recipients in the same order, you’ll receive
a separate email from us when each gift has arrived.

Date Received: 07/31/02
Time Received: 11:27 AM
Shipment #:

Again, great information but almost 6 months after the fact!! I have sent emails in response to each of the messages and have not received any replies just yet. This should certainly prove to be interesting.

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