If you have recently subscribed, please disregard this notice.

There is a banner at the top of the lastest Madison+Vine e-newsletter from AdAge stating “If you have recently subscribed, please disregard this notice.”

What do you think recent might be? I find this to be a sad showing from AdAge, the trade journal of advertising… Don’t you think they could have done a simple segmentation and possibly sold an ad to subscribers, vs. wasting a house impression on them – especially such a weak one? Maybe then, this newsletter would not cost $299 (save 100 as a charter subscriber!)…

CheetahMail actually did the blast and I spent 30 seconds and found this wonderful snippet right on their home page:

CheetahMail’s email marketing and customer intelligence technology is designed for companies that want to increase their brand equity through the acquisition and retention of their customer base. By empowering companies to send highly targeted and relevant emails to their permission based subscriber list, companies can leverage the use of the web as a means to cut costs, strengthen relationships and increase ROI.

Not this time.

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