A little AppleScript goes a long way…

I just used a couple of freely available AppleScript widgets to enable auto-import into my iTunes library on a shared volume on my home network!

I can now transfer music I rip/share, at a friends house, at the office (we have a system with many CDs), where ever… to my home machine via ftp into a folder, which then enables iTunes to import automagically! Once the import is complete, I then have immediate access to tunes in SliMP3!!

What you need…

From Apple

1. ScriptMenu
2. Folder Action Scripts
3. Add to iTunes Folder Action (scroll to the bottom)

Follow the instructions with each part – takes about 5 minutes…

This saves the double effort normally required to copy to the folder, then import into iTunes. I still go in and tweak certain ID3 tag pieces, but I can be jamming to the new tunes while that happens.

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  1. The page for Add to iTunes Folder Action is here. The link above results in a 404 error from my site.

    Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes

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