Push or Pull? Who cares!

The maker of operating systems for mobile devices and Research In Motion announce plans to collaborate on software that will enable Palm OS-based handhelds to use RIM’s BlackBerry wireless service. [CNET News.com]

I am not exactly sure what the connectivity is on T-Mobile’s site, but it lets you get Enterprise mail directly on a device – Phone or PDA. The Palm/RIM deal is interesting, and helps those corporate users get true support from IT. My setup was not officially supported by my (former) company’s IT group. For the small or solo user, I can’t see how this announcement helps. You can easily get email now, just not “push.”

I am not sure how much push really matters… I get plenty of email on a daily basis. When I am out and want to stay connected I simply set SnapperMail to auto-check every XX minutes – usually 30 minutes. This automatically initiates a bluetooth connection to my phone, which then connects via GPRS on the T-Mobile network and then allows my Palm to POP into my mail server to send and retrieve messages. I can always override this schedule with a manual connection as well. This is a very practical and relatively simple set-up that works VERY reliably.

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