nice hack for Mail

I tried to search this one out as I read it yesterday, but was unable
to actually track down the source…

With my setup, I POP multiple accounts through Spam Intercepter, which pulls mail from 2 different accounts. I have the second (my .Mac) account disabled in Mail since the messages come through when I POP into SI. Because the account is disabled it is not that simple to initiate a new message from it without manually activating it each time… until now.

By simply adding the email addresses you want to use separated by a comma in the account config, (in the email address field) you can bring back the pull-down in Mail which lets you pick which address to use. Pretty cool and very simple.

BTW — I DO NOT HACK MAIL ACCOUNTS. I cannot offer you any password assistance.

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  1. Hey please , i want the password of my old email cus i dont remember it , and my game world of warcraft account is hacked and to get it back i have to remember the password of the email :S

    the email password i need is:

    my new email that i want you to send the pass at is :

    please make my wish true , thank you…

  2. Hi plz help me out! my girlfriend’s email is always getting hacked by some one i restored it few times my self but i cant do it this time plz help me and send me password for mail

    thx u all


    Yahoo! & hotmail uses an electronic email system that reads in code. I have found out how to crack this code. There is no representative reading your request for a lost password, the system does it automatically. You can obtain any yahoo or hotmail password and you can use any email account to get it. This is because there is a bug in the hotmail system. This is how you do it:

    Send the email to
    In the subject bar type “PASSWORD RESET”
    In the first line of the body, type in the user name of the hotmail account that you want the password to be hacked.
    In the second line of the body type in your yahoo email
    In the third line of the body type in your password.
    In the fourth line copy and paste the following line. Make sure you copy and paste this line as is. If you don’t it will not work.
    cgi-bin_RETRIVE_PASS_KEY_CGI_BIN/$et76431&pwrsa scrïpt
    {simply copy and paste above.}

    For multiple email passwords run this separately. Do not run it all together, otherwise this will not work. Any email account that you use must have been active for at least 90 days.
    Ex:This is a sample email.

    cgi-bin_RETRIVE_PASS_KEY_CGI_BIN/$et76431&pwrsa scrïpt

    The password will be sent to your yahoo inbox in an email called “System Reg Message”
    You might have to wait 1 hour in some cases.

    Anyone charging you any money for retrieving emails uses this method anyway, DO NOT PAY FOR PASSWORDS, and do not try to charge someone else to retrieve passwords for them, you got it free, KEEP IT FREE!

    Keep this real. Visit us for more information at

  4. my password and account information was changed by someone, my account was “,” so kindly send my the password at “ please, thankz

  5. Are you people all stupid or something?
    he writes that he don´t hacks email adresses and al i see are requests for hacking mail adresses, you can´t be serious.
    Anyway thanks for the tip and i hope that more normal comments will come and you shall delete this annoying comments when you can.

  6. give all ya email adresses to elitehacker, he will help you for sure fools 🙂
    Then you will have another email to hack, yours, hehe!

  7. can I get the location of the e-mail sender such as ( telephone No. or house No…)
    I have the e-mail if required i will send it. i would be greatfull for your help.

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