Disappointed with Six Apart support…

So far.. much time has passed (2 days – feels like forever) with minimal progress. I received an email or three with some pointers, but no real assistance and have been in a quiet period waiting and waiting for some true guidance. These emails came well after normal hours… starting after 11pm EST.

I have learned that my issue does not appear to be a corruption issue, but rather a post that seems to have stuck around from a previous blog (I’ve messed with a few on this installation), though I have no idea what to do to resolve my issue….

In my mind, if you choose to offer customer/technical support, you need to do more than have the head of the company reply to messages when he can. I realize Six Apart is a smaller company, but get some tech support people, if you have some customers seeking help. It’s great to have such a priority level person working on my issue… but not when he can squeeze it in.

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