Another day – no progress from Six Apart

Yet another day goes by (though I guess by Six Apart time, the day does not end until after 11 pm EST.) without any real assistance from “tech support.” I struggle to even call it tech support since what little assistance I’ve received has been more guided self-help than anything. It’s quite frustrating when you send an email, get a response to continue the dialogue, only to find that the discussion then goes astray for hours if not days. I assumed wrongly that since my discussions with then (really just Ben) were taking place at such late hours that I might actually hear something over the weekend… no. Nothing after a quick message today, which was not helpful btw… and I suspect nothing real will come until late tonight if not tomorrow. What the hell is this crap? You either do or your don’t offer tech support. Half-assed contact is bullshit.

I like Moveable Type… and want to keep using it, but this is very frustrating and no way to continually treat a paying customer. I’m sure glad I paid to get premium support… not!

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