Note to Jason Calacanis…

I like what you are doing at WIN but please try not to continually cross-post your bits into each one of the different blogs you run. It really reduces the quality (and desirability to read) of each of them as you blast out your messages.

I actually previously blogged a similar practice from the Silicon Alley Reporter Days…though then it was about email.

I like reading about what you are doing, but seeing 2 or more of the same posts across blogs of supposedly different subjects in my aggregator just turns your content into noise.

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  1. It is a hard problem because we do a story on Yahoo’s new RSS feature and we know that both the Yahoo Blog and RSS Blog readers want that story. Additionally, we know that some people read both and some don’t. So, you can either punish the folks, the majority of folks, who read only one blog. Or, you can inconvience the folks who read all blogs with an extra headline or two.

    There is one solution we are working on which is a “tech” RSS feed that will suck up all our tech blogs and dedupe them.

    Look for that in Q2

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