The Elegant Universe

Brian Greene’s book The Elegant Universe was turned into a 3 hour show for Nova by PBS and the entire program as well as a massive amount of supplementary content is online.

I’ve watched the first hour (in 8 parts) streaming in Quicktime… Very cool stuff and certainly gets you thinking.

When you see things as well done as this website, you realize what the potential of quality on demand content can really be. This is one of the best examples I can think of on how to maximize the experience for an audience. I missed the show when originally broadcast, but my small screen now experience far surpasses what it might have been if you only watch on TV. Amazing that PBS of all places (and I say that not to slight PBS but in surprise that none of the commercial networks have done so) is leading the charge.

I guess not having to worry about selling ads can really make a difference…

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