What Browser do you use?

I find myself between Safari (90%) and Firefox (10%) when I browse… I like Firefox and think it renders beautifully, does a great job with tabs and passwords (though keychain support would be great like in Camino) but I miss a few small details that work for me in Safari – all keyboard related.

I can’t get between tabs without the mouse or search google and I absolutely miss the keyboard shortcuts to initiate bookmarks in the bookmark bar. These seem minor I am sure, but to me they make a huge difference. I can’t move as quickly as I like without them.

One final missing piece is the ability to keep new windows cleanly locked to the upper left of my screen…

I guess that probably explains the balance of my usage. I bet it would be the other way if I could get better keyboard access.

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  1. you can switch tabs in Mozilla/FireFox with C-PageUP|PageDown

    You can install the Google toolbar in FireFox and C-Shift-D creates a new bookmark.

    At least on Linux… EVERYTHING in FireFox can easily have a key binding…just ask for one or look… we’ll hook you up 😉

    Now just promise to stop using Safari 😉


  2. I’m on a Mac and have been a big Safari user, but I’m gravitating more and more toward FireFox. The extensions are a HUGE advantage.

    I only wish that FireFox had the close tab icon on each tab (like Safari) rather than off to the right (closing the foremost tab) as in Mozilla.

    (Sorry for the late post… just found your blog)

  3. No problem… always open to comments.

    What’s interesting to me is that since I wrote that I’ve switched to Firefox… I use it for blogging via WordPress and really love the speed. It also renders better… as best I can tell though Safari is a very nice product. I’ll probably switch around more…

    The main thing I miss is the keyboard shortcut to hit a bookmark in the bar. I have not found an elegant hack to do that. I also seriously wish you could better control where links opened from external apps… like new tabs!

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