Movable Type 3

Here’s to not looking back on my switch over to WordPress. I even paid for MT and would still have to pay more (yet it was free) to upgrade to 3.0. My previous site will live on for now, but thankfully all the content was easily migrated to this one. No need to deal except amazingly to continue to delete the comment spam.

There’s a lot of talk on the blogs today about Movable Type 3, of course, and a lot of negative feedback about their new pricing and licensing models. It seems topical to discuss a few things that worry me about Six Apart as a company moving forward.

First, they’re up against the biggest unspoken rule of Internet commerce: You Are Not Allowed To Charge For What Was Once Free. I don’t know how the rule came to be, and I don’t like the rule, but it’s pretty much incontrovertible. Try to bend it and you’ll likely have a mutiny on your hands. [~stevenf]

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