Will Souping Up TiVo Save It?

Business Week has a piece on TiVO and what they’ve got cooking. They are trying to push things forward while also fighting off the Cable and Satellite competitors who are seem to no longer be interested in including their branded DVR software…

TiVO says they’ve got a much to be excited about, moving past just simple DVR functionality and looking to include things like satellite radio, digital photo editing, and the ability to surf the Web from TiVO boxes. Sounds to me like the Moxi box (without web), I’d like to own. Moxi is going in another direction enabling a very rich platform for the MSOs (View a Demo WMV Movie here) while TiVo is looking to enhance consumer electronics devices like DVD players to help get away from their revenue reliance on stand-alone set-tops, which in my opinion is going to be even tougher than competing simply on the DVR box.

We’ll just have to wait and see how TiVO plans to spend their estimated 50 Million in marketing. It’s a great technology, that’s been vastly under-marketed, relying too much on word of mouth and not expanding through educating the next tier of consumers…

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